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Story plot
Actions take place soon after the events of Chromosome Evil 1.
An ancient Lovecraftian evil has returned to earth unleashing a deadly flesh organism upon humanity.
One by one the the governments and the infrastructures of humans fell.
In the Aftermath of these events, you are part of what’s left of the army and it is up to you to ensure the survival of the human species.

Management Gameplay
As a commander, you will take control of a military convoy where you can:
– decide the equipment of your strike team
– assign personnel to different survival tasks
– craft better equipment
– research new technologies
– choose the path you want the convoy to take
– manage resource priority
– train your personel

Combat Gameplay
During combat, you take control of your strike team ensuring they will fulfill their objectives and return safely by choosing the optimal equipment and best tactical approach.


Improvements in compare with the original

– more polished cutscenes with some basic animations and parallax effects
– female characters
– all animations re-made and polished from the ground up
– all visuals polished
– new enemy types, we adjusted them to be more Lovecraftian
– new map types like forest and desert environments

– zoom in function
– a dynamic fog of war
– new evolution system for enemies
– enemy destroyable body parts according to where the projectile hits
– new travel map system with a real-time mechanic
– building with floor layers(can travel between floors)
– full base mechanic (convoy) with deeper gameplay
– introducing the M.U.L.E.
– A lot of new skills for characters, for example, Mele combat now uses stamina
– Characters are now even more unique, we added personal perks and general perks in addition to the skills
– Game options are now at higher quality
– New weapons and new weapon mechanics such as sniper rifles, mele shields, barb wire for defense, medical pod, and so on
– static enemies that will wait for you in the dark

– PREQUEL: in the tutorial, you will play as the brother of the main protagonists from the first game
– MAIN GAME: action will take place after the military path ends from the first game(cannon ending)
– a lot more Lovecraftian plot, enemies and monsters


Popa Cristian Manuel – artwork, animation, game design, marketing, team management, testing, level design.
Sergey Dovganovsky – programming, animation, testing, balance, game design.
Developed under 16 BIT NIGHTS studio

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